The New Luria Campus



Luria now serves our max capacity of 290 students. We have tripled in size over the last six years. We have outgrown our current space and this hinders our ability to host schoolwide, parent, grandparent, and other community events.

The new upper school building and refreshed lower school building will enable Luria to grow to our capacity of 350 students and will be large enough for our entire community.


While we have a robust music and arts curriculum, we lack dedicated spaces for music and art instruction.

Our new Music Room will house acoustic and electronic instruments, practice space, and a recording studio. Art Studio will inspire students to explore a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, collage, clay, and sculpture. Students will learn to take risks and to express their ideas and feelings. 


STEAM is currently integrated throughout our curriculum both in subject areas as well as Project Based Learning.

Our new state-of-the-art STEAM Lab will enable us to expand our Project Based Learning, giving students in K–8 a space to explore, problem-solve, build, analyze, stumble, and try again. Students will develop as  creators—learning how to access knowledge and building their capacity to generate new knowledge.


Our children are currently bussed to nearby playgrounds, parks, and indoor facilities for recess, Physical Education, sports and extracurricular activities.

Our new gymnasium, two new rooftop playgrounds, and new yard will allow for gym class, recess, body breaks, physical and occupational therapy sessions, and athletics all without leaving the school premises.


Currently, students exclusively pray in small groups in their classrooms and Judaics are taught in the same spaces as general studies.

Our beit midrash will be a space where older students can come together in prayer. It will house an aron kodesh and sefer torah which will be available to students for prayer and study. We will have a library of sifrei kodesh and space for classes and communal torah study.


Luria is the only inclusive Jewish day school in NYC –- students with special needs learn in the same room as their classmates. But Luria still needs spaces for individual services including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, literacy work, and counseling.

Our new spaces are being configured with all of Luria’s students’ needs top-of-mind.


Our Montessori approach encourages students to be mindful  about what the foods they eat, a lesson which extends to our Judaics lessons, where students learn about foods related to laws and holidays.

Our learning kitchen will allow students to prepare foods from start to finish, while learning about our tradition. Working with Grow Torah, our rooftop greenhouse will be a student-run educational garden