Please Join Us

At Luria Academy, curiosity is a way of life. We create an environment of exploration, and we give our students the tools to navigate through it. We champion questions over quiet, and initiative over inaction. We teach children not to be afraid to stumble because they are learning to pick themselves back up. We want challenges to feel playful and lessons to be meaningful.

We’ve built a structure for success by noticing what others don’t, and by knowing that each child has their own story. We are not just staff and student, but a team working together to see your whole child. Our job is to create a strong framework, then peel back the scaffolding as the children become more independent - this way we can turn potential into power and growth into strength.

We have created a community where diversity is a chance to learn, and empathy replaces judgement. We are a community of warmth, confidence, and understanding.

We want every child to feel empowered to learn and grow freely, and we are dedicated to building the curious and courageous leaders of tomorrow.

Together, we can build a home for all of our children. We can prepare the next generation with the sensibilities and skills to solve the great challenges of their time, through our cutting-edge education. We can prepare them to love and steward our Jewish inheritance through rigorous text and language learning. We can teach them to care for each and every Jew through our diverse community and essential commitment to inclusion and character development.