Evolution of Luria

Our community has grown, our physical space is changing, but our commitment to our students remains the same.

Luria Academy of Brooklyn was founded in 2006 by a group of parents working to provide a sophisticated Jewish education for their children, in a progressive educational environment. They designed a school that gave children the opportunity to be their best selves as learners, friends, and members of the Jewish people--embraced fully and without judgement. Our work today remains firmly grounded in this vision.

Luria has tripled in size over the last six years. Most of our classes have full enrollment and many have waitlists. Our team of teachers and staff continues to be composed of passionate, committed professionals who guide our students on their individual journeys. A community has coalesced around our school. A community that is open, generous, supportive, and brave. Luria continues to be a force of creativity and renewal in the world of Jewish education.

Our community is not brick and mortar;
our new campus will be our home -- but our people bring it to life.

320 Students
15 Mixed-Age Classes
72 Faculty and Staff Members
193 families
45 graduates