At Luria, we educate the whole child and develop curriculum that supports each individual child's cognitive, emotional, moral, and social development. Teaching and Learning at Luria is student centered.  SCI (student-centered instruction) focuses on skills and practices that enable lifelong learning and independent problem-solving. We strive to develop learner independence by providing skills for how to learn and supporting students to create their own schemata, or episodic memory, to allow for deep meaning. Student-centered learning emphasizes the student’s role in synthesizing meaning from new information and prior experiences. 

Luria Academy implements an academically challenging curriculum in a calm and intentional environment. At Luria we work hard to strike a balance between academic rigor and respecting the pace of an individual child's development. The curriculum is sequential and children move through it at their own pace; progress is carefully tracked based on New York State Standards. Our integrated curriculum is held to the highest academic standards and is executed in a way that encourages critical thinking, deductive and inductive reasoning, peer cooperation, and personal responsibility. Luria places a premium on creating a culture of compassion in the classroom. We believe a rigorous curriculum can, and must, include and accommodate children with special needs.