Luria Athletics

I Will Be Kind

This means I treat myself and others with patience, empathy, and an
understanding that everyone gets what they need.

I Will Be Strong

This means I am accountable, I have self-control, and I persevere.

I Will Be Curious

This means I am a work in progress; I seek to better myself by continuing to
grow and learn. I will pursue knowledge and understanding with openness and humility.

I Will Contribute

This means I bring my best self. I embody gratitude, productivity, and pride
in my school.




Co-Ed Soccer (Grades 6-8)

Co-Ed Cross Country
(Grades 5-8)

Boys Basketball Team (Grades 7&8)

Boys Basketball Club (Grades 4-6)
Girls Basketball Team (Grades 7&8)
Girls Basketball Club (Grades 4-6)

Co-Ed Cross Country (Grades 5-8)