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Our School

At Luria Academy, curiosity is a way of life. We create an environment of exploration, and we give our students the tools to navigate through it. We champion questions over quiet, and initiative over inaction. We teach children not to be afraid to stumble because they are learning to pick themselves back up. We want challenges to feel playful and lessons to be meaningful. 

We’ve built a structure for success by noticing what others don’t, and by knowing that each child has their own story. We are not just staff and student, but a team working together to see your whole child. Our job is to create a strong framework, then peel back the scaffolding as the children become more independent - this way we can turn potential into power and growth into strength.

We have created a community where diversity is a chance to learn, and empathy replaces judgement. We are a community of warmth, confidence, and understanding.

We want every child to feel empowered to learn and grow freely, and we are dedicated to building the curious and courageous leaders of tomorrow.


Our Montessori-based materials and prepared classroom environment encourage exploration and foster independence for students across all levels.  Autonomy during Work Time gives students a sense of ownership, deep pride in their work and a sense of accomplishment in their individual learning. 


All members of the Luria community -students, staff, and parents- are immersed in the values of the Four Commitments for Unconditional Respect: I will be Kind, I will be Curious, I will be Strong, I will Contribute.  These commitments guide our interactions and provide a framework to allow us to be thoughtful citizens of our community and the world around us.


Luria Academy of Brooklyn was founded in 2006 by a group of parents working to provide a sophisticated Jewish education for their children, in a progressive educational environment.  They designed a school that gave children the opportunity to be their best selves as learners, friends, and members of the Jewish people--embraced fully and without judgement. Our work today remains firmly grounded in this vision.


Luria’s rigorous curriculum encourages critical and analytic thinking, academic excellence, peer cooperation, and personal responsibility.  Students progress is carefully tracked based on a combination of New York State Common Core Learning Standards, LHILI Tanakh Standards, and ACTFL proficiency guidelines.


Luria’s approach to Judaic studies is rooted in Jewish law and tradition and studied in a dynamic, vibrant, and judgement free environment.  Our students are in constant dialogue with modern values and ideas. We give our students the tools to independently access traditional Jewish texts and the knowledge to live full Jewish lives.  


At Luria, we see the whole child. We get to know who they are, how they learn, and what they need.  We design learning experiences to support and challenge each child, which creates a strong framework for life-long learning, turning potential into power and growth into strength.